Carl D “Chubby” Proffitt, Jr. Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in The FALCON Club’s Carl D. “Chubby” Proffitt, Jr. Scholarship (hereinafter referred to as Scholarship). Any senior affiliated in any of the sports programs at the thirteen (13) Central Virginia schools The FALCON Club supports is eligible to apply. These are:

  • Albemarle High School
  • Blue Ridge School
  • Charlottesville High School
  • The Covenant School
  • Fluvanna County High School
  • Fork Union Military Academy
  • Louisa County High School
  • Monticello High School
  • Orange County High School
  • St. Anne’s Belfield School
  • Western Albemarle High School
  • William Monroe High School
  • Woodberry Forest High School

***Application Deadline May 1st***

The Scholarship is primarily a needs-based award supported by academic performance, athletic participation and achievement, involvement in community, civic and/or extracurricular activities, and personal recommendations. The successful applicant will be awarded a $2,500 scholarship, which will be sent by The FALCON Club to the College or University of the successful applicant’s choice to be applied to their tuition bill.

Please complete, and submit the below form in order to be considered for the scholarship.

The recommendation form can be found here RECOMMENDATION FORM

Please list all athletic programs you have participated in while in high school and in what capacity (player, manager, trainer, etc.) If you plan to participate in college sports, please list this also.
Please list your academic achievements while in high school. Be sure to include awards special recognitions, overall GPA, and anything else for which you were recognized as a result of your academic record.
Please list all extracurricular, community, civic and/or volunteer activities in which you are or have been involved, and your role in each
We ask that you submit two (2) recommendations from persons you choose (teachers, coaches, employers, business people, clergy, Scout leaders, etc.) who can best describe your qualifications to be considered for this Scholarship. Include the name, address and phone number of each reference and describe in what capacity they are known to you.
Please list any other recognitions you have received that you would like for us to know about. And if there is anything else about you that you would like for us to know, please include it here.
List any other type of financial assistance (loans, stipends, scholarships, work study, internships, etc.) that you will receive to help you with your college education.
As you have been informed, Carl D. “Chubby” Proffitt, Jr. was Charlottesville’s most decorated WWII veteran. Has any member of your family (living or deceased) served now, or in the past, in any branch of the military? If so, please elaborate. If not, please answer “none”.
Tell us, in your own words, why this Scholarship is important to you. There are no wrong or right answers to this question. Just be honest and sincere in your response.